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Learn how to start an outreach program to help seniors, nursing home residents and adults and children with disabilities.



We need wheelchairs, adaptive equipment, other items and tax-deductible cash donations to help more elderly, disabled, & children. 


About our Charitable and Humanitarian Organization

The Bridge of Hope Foundation is a 501(c) 3, non-sectarian, non-political charitable and humanitarian organization founded in 1996 by a group of concerned individuals who believe that more should and can be done to help some very special people.


The mission of The Bridge of Hope Outreach Project is to provide help for:

  • Nursing Home Residents 
  • Children and Adults With Disabilities

We are a charitable and humanitarian organization committed to helping disabled children, adults and elders in nursing homes.We are funded by:

  • Community Service and Religious Organizations
  • Tax deductible contributions from concerned individuals and companies 
  • Grants 
  • Bridge of Hope Foundation gift sale profits (coming in the future)

We invite you to join us as partners in this effort. Your support is greatly needed and welcome. We thank you for your interest.    

Email us at info@bridgeofhopefoundation.org or
call us at 831-464-2362 if you can help in any way,
or if you want help in starting a similar program in your area.