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Learn how to start an outreach program to help seniors, nursing home residents and adults and children with disabilities.



We need wheelchairs, adaptive equipment, other items and tax-deductible cash donations to help more elderly, disabled, & children. 


  Two Power Wheelchairs
Urgently Needed!

Forty year old Roger has lived in a nursing home for over five years.  He has serious neurological problems and complications from diabetes. Before his disability, he worked as a medical lab technician.  Roger's insurance will not pay for a power wheelchair.

 The Bridge of Hope Foundation is seeking to provide him with a power wheelchair to enable him to live a much more independent and active life.  If Roger had  a power wheelchair, he would have the ability to visit a local shopping mall, movie theater and stores that are near the nursing home where he lives.

During most of his adult life, sixty four year old Ron worked as a financial planner and a school teacher.  A stroke forced him to move into a  nursing home for four years.  He now has made a move into his own apartment that is fully  accessible and close to a grocery store and a shopping mall. 

Having his own power wheelchair would enable him to do his own shopping and live a much more active and independent life.

Your kind donations would greatly help improve
the quality of life for Roger and Ron.

If you have a used power wheelchair in good working condition,
please phone the Bridge of Hope Foundation at 831-464-2362.

The Bridge of Hope Foundation is a 501 C (3) Non-Profit Organization. 
Donations are Tax Deductible.

Email us at info@bridgeofhopefoundation.org or
call us at 831-464-2362 if you can help in any way,
or if you want help in starting a similar program in your area.