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“The Bridge of Hope has been reaching out to our residents for over the last five years. The generosity, compassion and empathy of the Bridge of Hope volunteers has been immeasurable.”

“We are a 200 bed Medi-Care and Medi-Cal Continuing Care Retirement Nursing Home Facility, making us one of the largest nursing homes in Santa Cruz County. The Bridge of Hope has been faithfully serving our residents for over twenty years. The Bridge of Hope takes residents out to eat, shopping, movies and other recreational activities. They provide our residents with donated clothing, electric hospital beds, TVs and other items. They provide nondenominational worship and memorial services that are greatly appreciated, as well as birthday and holiday celebrations and special musical events. Thanks to Bridge of Hope, every one of our residents receives a birthday gift, balloon and card, as well as a personalized Christmas gift every year. As the current Administrator of Hearts and Hands, and on behalf of our staff and residents, I wish to extend my sincere thanks to the Bridge of Hope Foundation for serving our residents and impacting their lives for good.”
– Ric Dee, Administrator, Hearts & Hands Post Acute Care and Rehabilitation Center

“The Bridge of Hope has been working hand in hand with us for more than ten years in providing musical entertainment, nondenominational Bible services, spiritual support and friendship to our residents. The majority of our residents do not have any family members or anyone to visit them, and they look forward to the visits from their Bridge of Hope friends. The Bridge of Hope continues to support us by sharing donations like electric hospital beds and wheelchairs. They give every resident a birthday gift on their birthday, as well as a special gift for Christmas. Their volunteers take the time and effort to ask each resident what they would like for Christmas. Golden Age is grateful for all their support.”
– Beth Taylor, Director of Nursing, Golden Age Convalescent Hospital

“The Bridge of Hope volunteers have been absolute angels in regard to MHCAN of Santa Cruz, bringing teddy bears for our children suffering with autism and extreme depression from cancer. THey bring donuts weekly for all our mental health folks, along with essential medical supplies for basic hygiene and care that no one else donates. The Bridge of Hope Foundation is a true gift. At the holidays, they make people feel genuinely cared for by donating specially tailored chosen gifts for each homeless and mentally ill diagnosed individual.”
– Sarah Leonard, Executive Director, MHCAN

“Bayside Adult Day Program is an adult day care facility for physically aggressive/developmentally disabled persons. The Bridge of Hope Foundation has been instrumental in providing our consumers with a higher quality of life for over two years. They have generously donated much needed equipment, i.e. wheelchairs, lifts, walkers, etc… Our consumers look forward to the Christmas season even moreso because of Bridge of Hope.All fifty-one of our consumers, many of which do not have family, have been able to share in the joy of the holiday due to The Bridge of Hope’s many gracious donations of Christmas gifts. Due to the inadequate funding that is received by many facilities in the state of California, many of these events and activities are made possible only through generous contributions from organizations like The Bridge of Hope. Bayside Adult Day Program is eternally grateful for the painstaking charitable works of people such as the Bridge of Hope volunteers.”
– Casey Kraig Clark, Administrator, Bayside Center

“The Bridge of Hope has been reaching out to our residents for over the last five years. The generosity, compassion and empathy of the Bridge of Hope volunteers has been immeasurable. In addition to playing a key part in making sure all of our residents have a happy holiday by visiting and providing everyone living in our community a Christmas gift, they think of us when community donations come their way.”
– Lourdes Mercado, Administrator, Front Street Residential

“We are indeed very grateful for the generous ministry of the Bridge of Hope Foundation. Their weekly visits and provision of treats and uplifting Christian reading material in large print create much joy and high morale to our many clients in our care home. We surely appreciate the valuable outreach of kindness and joy brought by the Bridge of Hope!”
– Lorna & Frank Beltran, Chateau Guest Home

“The Bridge of Hope has been coming to my facility on a weekly basis for several years, providing much needed services to all of our residents. Our residents enjoy their weekly visits and one-on-one interaction. The staff, residents and I appreciate the commitment and great services provided by all the Bridge of Hope volunteers.”
– Laura Salazar, Watsonville Post Acute Care Center

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