"Building Bridges Between People In Need and People Who Care."

National Support Program

Can You Help?

Suggested Ways To Help

1. Start your own Nursing Home and Disability Outreach Program in your community.
Our sincere desire is that in studying our website, viewers like you will catch the vision of what can be done, and will emulate our example by initiating your own community service ideas.

For those considering doing this, the following steps will prove helpful:

A. Visit Nursing Homes in your area. Introduce yourself to the staff and state your purpose of volunteering. You will be welcome. Respect and follow their rules. Visit residents and start developing friendships with them.
B. Study Nursing Home materials including ours and other related websites.
C. Contact us. We will gladly share information with you that we have found to be helpful in developing our project. If you are looking for community service ideas, we can help you get your program off to a quick start.

2. For those of you residing in the Santa Cruz, California area who would be interested in volunteering to help serve locally, we welcome your help.

3. We need donations to expand our Outreach:

A. Cash DONATIONS can be made through this website utilizing either credit card or personal check. Payment by credit card is easy and secure using Paypal.
B. Physical donations such as real estate, cars, boats, airplanes or anything of value that can be exchanged by our nonprofit organization for money to help fund this project will be appreciated.
C. Physical items in good condition that can be used by those we serve will also be appreciated. Such items as used power wheelchairs, scooters, computers, and electric beds and new clothing will be put to good use.


Since we are a registered 501(C)3 organization, all donations are fully tax deductible for the value of the contribution. Donations will promptly be acknowledged by receipts issued by The Bridge of Hope Foundation.

How You Can Help

Support us by volunteering, donating money or donating items.