"Building Bridges Between People In Need and People Who Care."

The Bridge of Hope Foundation

Our mission is to provide hope and tangible help for low income care facility residents and people living with disabilities, and those who are struggling with the challenges of mental illness and homelessness.

What We Do

Building Bridges Between People in Need and People Who Care

Care Facility Visitation

Care Facility Visitation, nondenominational worship services & memorial services

Birthday Parties and Holiday Celebrations at Care Facilities

Birthday parties and holiday celebrations

Recreational Outings

Recreational Outings

Distribution of Needed Equipment

Distribution of clothing, shoes, medical equipment, personal care items, and food

How You Can Help

Testimonials and Stories

The reason we work so hard to support our cause is because of the wonderful people we are able to help.
Here are a few of the stories of some of our friends.


Andy now says, “From the time I was nineteen till I was thirty five when I had my stroke, I was continuously partially drunk or high on different street drugs.” Through physical therapy, determination and learning to live with his reality, Andy now lives a full life. He is thankful that our Bridge of Hope effort has been able to assist him in many ways including helping him to realize his goal of getting out of a nursing home into an independent living situation.

marphoto4Thank you for coming to our website! Our Mission is to provide help for residents in nursing homes and children and adults with disabilities.

The task of helping is huge and the opportunity to serve is great. Because I was born with spina bifida, I have a special interest in helping others who live with disability and chronic illness. The rewards for serving are immeasurable! I personally invite your participation. Together we can make a difference. Here you will find some ways to help. Please contact us if you have any questions.

Mary Masters, Director
Bridge of Hope Foundation